just wanted to tell you guys about milton's new project, numb world , released on local tape label, space idea tapes (read about jamie, the mastermind behind s.p.i.t., in the free times). it was recently reviewed in shuffle magazine - check it out below. milton said he'd mail a copy or a free download code to the first few commenters (i dunno how many he has to giveaway exactly), so leave a note with your favorite tune featured below and send your address to reoglesby@yahoo.com if you're interested - but of course supporting indie artists and labels is a good idea, too - if you're so inclined!

Shuffle Magazine: Milton Hall - Numb World (Space Idea) Columbia's Milton Hall already makes collage artwork and short films, but is still determined to add this, his musical debut, to the list, as if the world needed another bedroom popsmith. But Hall makes a good case for himself with this 15-track cassette release. Hooky cuts like "Feel Tha Fire" deliver all the ragtag jauntiness and smirk-worthy whimsy of The Beets' best songs, while the fidelity-fried instrumental riff-experiment "Electric Fairy Tale" wouldn't feel out of place next to some of Sebadoh's meanders. Perfectly imperfect and invitingly insular, Numb World's meeting of easygoing melody and pillowy fuzz makes few demands, but more than reciprocates your attention. (BR)

From Space Idea: A two headed little monster of a song pile. Numb World seems to do a costume change after every piece of music but manages the art the the segue with ease. You've got you sugar pop bits and you've got you're demented landscape pieces and you've got a couple in between. One is beautifully messed up the other beautifully constructed, both with almost perfect architecture.

electric fairy tale

it's impossible

feel tha fire

numb world

i waited

and though it's not on this release - here's a video you may remember from this past spring that i made with one of my fave mh songs, late bloomers.


 buy the cassette here. or download here.

space idea tapes blog.


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