milty got two more reviews for numb world.

from scene sc:

Milton Hall's newest release Numb World is 15 tracks mixing lofi pop gems with short stark instrumental bits to bridge the album together.

As is the beauty of home recording, Hall has the ability to do whatever he wants. Whether it be having the sparse 3 minutes of "Seeing The Real You" to the unintelligible backwards vocals of "Backwards Vocals," Hall mixes these with endearing songs like "Feel Tha Fire" and "Martian Flowers." There is a connection made with the listener in homemade recordings that is hard to obtain any other way. Numb World is more of a get to know a side of Milton Hall, than a studio record could ever be.

An obvious comparison here could be made to the home recordings of Coma Cinema which also has lofi pop origins. As a fan of the band The Minus 5, I get the similar feelings from the vocal and lyrical stylings of Scott McCaughey.

Numb World is available on cassette from Space Idea Cassettes, which also features a handful of Columbia's experimental and lofi artists.

and in haiku form from the free times:

Milton Hall

Numb World

Hall's lo-fi pop gems

Both stunningly constructed,

Beautifully messed up.