still some blue left over from that manic panic gig. i only noticed once i went through these photos. can't really tell it in indoor light and probably only under the sun. but oh well. it's kind of subtle and i don't mind it. also wore the bright orange extension i got over the summer. wish it was real hair or at least a heat-tolerant synthetic like my wigs - the only thing it does is hang stick straight. i cut into it a bit with a razor to make it look a little more natural, but it's just for the hell of it so no big deal. tried leaving it overnight in a foam curler, too, but nope - straight straight straight. anyway, the jacket is my mom's from the 70's and the back has these little sort of colonial looking kids dancing which she hand embroidered. wish i had a better photo of them. i also have one of my grandfather's army jackets in my closet - love these clothing treasures. i keep meaning to do a post on all of them. someday.

wearing: jacket - mom's // dress - thrifted at the goodwill bins // scarf - old old f21 // blue tights // shoes - aerosoles via goodwill bins // fingerless mitts - made by me @ //