round five of the softspoken sweet sixteen! 16 things i've starred, favorited, hearted, liked or dug over the past week:

1. this gal's look.

2. tavi covering joni mitchell -

3. this crocheter's eyechart is pretty apropos for me right now.

4. sherwin-williams easy change wallpaper. such a great option for renters - or those afraid of wall color commitment! via.

5. the new girl. i was totally expecting to hate this and never really felt one way or another about zooey (i have nothing against her - i just never got the super adoration. and on the topic of those who critique her for her quirky cute shtick - i really hate that "manic pixie dream girl" is some sort of popular asshole criticism thing now - like an epithet you can toss at women who like twirly dresses as if they can't read books and go to physics class and wear mary janes and pigtails at the same time - stfu! (**edit: oops, guess my understanding of the definition of MPDG was a bit off and i totally agree with what was posted in the comments! i think i've been seeing people use the term erroneously as well which led me to my misinformed definition. mostly i was talking about being pissed off about things such as the julie klausner article that was making the rounds a while ago. and there being some sort of talk of "reclaiming" the term. etc, ad nauseum. apologies!), but i decided to watch it after running out of my usual on hulu while stitching christmas orders. but now i kind of can't wait for a new episode... and i'm not too sure how i feel about that. maybe this post will help.

6. and somewhat on the same note - this post, anti-feminist frills on a fluffy blog. excerpt: "The girly and hyper feminine, soft aesthetic is something I obviously have undying love for as my years of fashion exploits have taught me, but how do I combine that with my feminism? It is something I have really struggled with and only recently settled with one and only answer: I cannot infantilize and over-sexualise myself, the only one responsible for viewing my fashion choices as such is the one doing the ogling and choosing to view it as that. Can I repeat and bold this? It took me such a long while to realise it and I am now currently wallowing in my love for pigtails and overly short skirts no matter how much of my underwear passerby will see, because I won't allow myself to care. Not anymore." her blog is always one of my faves - thoughtful and great colorful style, too.

7. this print by medium control

8. what's on your clothes? all sorts of bad chemically things, apparently. great post from outsapop trashion.

9. kitty has adopted the pillow i stitched up for my pattern book as her own. it's now nicknamed the princess pillow and when she's on the bed perched atop it i can only think of the princess and the pea. image via.

10. this ornament pretty much sums up my holiday spirit.

11. i hate the modern works and products of disney so very much - but still have such a soft spot for mickey tops. and tacky beer clothing (says the girl wearing the coors light t-shirt). and are those flatform sneakers?!? (found on tumblr)


12. this quote from Roseanne (found on tumblr and pasted into paint by me - i've tried to verify it, but i only find it on a bunch of tumblrs, sooooo.... source?).

13. whittle your own crochet hooks!

14. gpoy? ;) via.

15. gpoy circa 1990. via (love this blog).

16. these tents from field candy. (found via the nylon blog).

hope you enjoyed!

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