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i have been a long-time fan of andrea of miscusi. my favorite thing about her items is that all of her yarn is recycled from old sweaters - which guarentees they'll be one of a kind. and not only that, but they're always so lovely and chic, too. when i saw her new turbans featured on her blog, i just knew i had to share her shop with you.

from her shop profile:  Mi Scusi is about alteration, modification, re-creation: taking unloved materials that would be thrown away (or have already been discarded!) and making something new and unique from them. Reusing materials helps me feel that in my tiny way, I'm negating some of our society's wastefulness. I get a lot of my yarn from thrift-store or donated sweaters: I reuse the yarn by unraveling it from the sweater, then washing it and steaming out the kinks, then winding it up into neat little cylinders. This method takes longer than buying new yarn, but allows me to recycle discarded materials and make something nice and unique out of something that has been deemed no longer useful.