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Day 1: (01.11.2012 Wednesday) First day of the workout. Didn't have light enough hand weights, so I did some of the moves with the 8lbs I have but most of the exercises were too tough for that heavy of a weight. Just put them down and did the rest without weights. Did the modified push-ups, but even those are hard.

Day 2: (01.12.2012 Thursday) Got 3 and 5 lb weights. Used 3 lbs tonight. Modified pushups. Felt terrible afterwards and completely fatigued. Didn't even wanna eat dinner.

Day 3: (01.13.2012 Friday) Legs pretty sore - Mostly calves, but hamstrings some too. A little tender in chest/pecs. Did this in the afternoon while Milton was gone to pick up Charlie. Hope to keep it up over the weekend with all the family events and visits going on. Don't know if I'm crazy or not, but think my arms already feel firmer when I flex. Think I need to get a mat. Feel like the hardest part of this program is doing it consecutively, day after day, with no rests - doing it just one day wouldn't be so difficult. Really hard to push through the soreness sometimes.

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Day 4: (01.14.2012 Saturday) Milton and Charlie shredded with me. Family shred! I let Charlie use the 3 lb weights and I did the 5 for about half the workout. Then he switched to no weight and I went to the 3 lbs. Felt easier today - maybe cause I'm a little competitive and the group dynamic helped. All the ab segments seem a little too easy to me - except I do feel some burn during the final bicycle move.

Day 5: (01.15.2012 Sunday) Not feeling any muscle soreness anymore. Milton shredded with me again. Feel like the hardest part is the switch between jumping jack and jump rope moves - that's the only part I really dread. My calves BURN at that segment - seemed harder today at that part and stopped for just a beat about two times. The only other part I somewhat dread is the final strength move with the anterior raises and side leans, but those felt a bit easier today. The rest all felt easier, too - even felt like some of the moves were moving slowly and easily. Still doing modified push ups though - still need a mat too.

Day 6: (01.16.2012 Monday) Felt pretty good today. Got extra sweaty, though. The jumping jack/jump rope combo still gets me a little achey, but I pushed through and only stopped once for just a beat. Hate that part, even though I was able to do it at the beginning and for some reason it suddenly just got hard yesterday. Guess it's just muscle fatigue or something. Got through the remaining with no rests. Still using the 3 lb weights and doing modified push ups. Took my measurements today and downloaded an ap to keep up with that. Might post them at the end of all this. Wish I'd though to take them at the very beginning. Might take "before" photos later tonight. Been weighing myself as well, but I'm pre-menstrual so my weight is pretty crazy right now anyway. I always rollercoaster before I start, so it's not really gonna tell me much until after my period. And I know from starting past workout programs that I tend to gain first and then lose - probably from gainig muscle before losing fat or something like that, so I'm not going to worry too much about the scale jumps at the moment with those two factors. I've also been extra insatiable hunger-wise the past two days. Not sure if that's due to PMS or the increased calorie burn. Or both. Feeling strong and energized and refreshed though and definitely feel a lift in mood post workouts, and that feels the best. Anyway, ate way WAY too many calories today (like almost an extra days worth. UGH PMS, UGH almost a whole box of mac n cheese, UGH). Gonna focus the rest of the week on eating more protein and green veggies and less carbs and try to keep a healthy calorie defecit to kickstart weight loss while also trying to curb the huge hunger pangs with eggs and nuts and avocados and such.

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Day 7: (1.17.2012 Tuesday) Feeling pretty PMS shitty today and not in the mood for it. In my worse bouts of PMS I get an intense sciatic pain that runs from through my hip to my calves on one side. I think I have endometriosis which causes some other not so great PMS symptoms for me (undiagnosed, but after lots of research I've got a lot of the typical tell-tell signs). Got through it though and it wasn't so bad. Did better with the first cardio segment than I have the past few days. Everything else felt pretty easy and some of the moves helped my hips a little. Have to say I'm not a fan of lunges - I can do them but they've always felt so awkward and just physically weird. Feeling stronger. Think my face is looking thinner in today's photos than it has in the past few months. Can't believe level one is almost done! Read level two is the worst from other bloggers, but level three's not so bad. Also read there's a lot of planking in level two so think I might break down and finally get that mat. Can't believe how expensive they are - $15 for a piece of colorful rubber foam, so dumb.

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Day 8: (1.18.2012 Wednesday) Spent most of the day rearranging our spare room so that I can use it as my studio. I thought after a day full of moving and lifting furniture and boxes that tonight's workout would be difficult to get through. But it wasn't! Probably the easiest it's been yet! Milton did it with me and he was breathing hard and sweating and I was just breezing through. Even made it through all of the parts I hate. Two more workouts till level two...

Day 9: (1.19.2012 Thursday) Didn't much feel like doing it, but breezed through easily.

Day 10: (1.20.2012 Friday) Tonight we shredded after dinner instead of before as usual and I definitely felt a difference. It was a lot harder to get through and felt lethargic in spots. Gonna stick to before dinner from now on. Finally got me a mat today, too, and decided to push myself harder on push ups. Definitely felt it after that. But level one's complete! Moving on to level two tomorrow!

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