dress and purse - vintage // bracelet - etsy // shoes - f21 // hat - kmart

sometimes we'll be out shopping and i will point out something i like and m will say "yes, that looks like you" and sometimes it will be something sweet with trails of tattered vintage lace and other times it will be a cheap neon tshirt with a tiger on it from cititrends with studs and sequins. once i asked him what is it that makes them look like me and he couldn't really say. they just do. a lot of times i get frustrated with not being able to pinpoint a specific style i could stick to forever. classic and minimal. dark and edgy. colorful and preppy. delicate and vintage. boho and flowy. cheap and trendy. offbeat and kitsch. i don't know which i would choose long term. when i try to stick to one for any length of time, declaring yes this is me, then soon i long for another. i don't know what i am really. or maybe i'm all of them. or maybe different everyday or every week. or maybe they're all costumes for what i want to be. it's hard to say. maybe clothes to me are like food and do i really want to eat just one type of dish forever and ever? when something is really good i can eat it every day for weeks and weeks and then suddenly never want to eat it again or at least not for a very long while. maybe it's like that. i'm still unsure.