tiger tee - cititrends// highwaist pinstripe trousers and shoes - f21 // bangles - after xmas sale shopping with mom

this morning i cut the sleeves off this tee. it had some sort of dolman effect going that i wasn't crazy about but really the sleeve opening was far too tight for my chubby arms. i think my arms are like the next size up from the rest of my body. they used to really bother me but i don't care much anymore. is it getting older that helps you fall into your body more easily? or all the body positive acceptance reading i've surrounded myself with over the past year? either way i don't seem to wrestle with myself when i look in the mirror quite as much. a little weight gain hasn't sent me spiralling the way it would've a year ago. yes, i'm working out more to control it and sure there are still those days, and my fair share of em, when i stare at myself with a furrowed brow, pinching at my sides - but it just seems.... less, somehow.

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