mom and i found this american apparel skirt when we went shopping the after christmas sales for just $1 at an outlet store. we found a royal blue aa pencil skirt for the same price, too. i wasn't sure about the two shades of pink together, but wanted to photograph this scarf for my shop. i like the subtlety of the different shades though. i think dark magenta pink may be my second favorite color. a nice teal is my first -at least it's always a color i'm strongly drawn to. maybe a citron or some shade of yellow green as a third. it always changes. when i was little my favorite color was purple for years, but i think i just wanted to be different from all the other girls who loved pink yet still wanted something considered girly. in love with this bulky pink yarn - just in time for valentines day. adding these circle scarves in shop - they're the circle scarf sister to these bulky fringe scarves. hopefully more colors coming soon for both since i bought two big bags full of this yarn in all shades a few days ago!