i didn't discover this as a young girl like so many other babes i adore have done, but it's because of their constant mention of this little book that i had to give it a go myself. even at age 30 i love it maybe as much as i would've at 12 or 13, but it sure would've served me better then. it would've been the perfect little neon rainbow escape for my torn adolescent self who never quite felt like she fit in anywhere.

and while googling cover images i ran across this photoshoot by wildfox

and this one here (which might be from papermag?)

also looks like there's a film possibly in the works - a script reading was held at a bookshop in 2010 - hope it's still on the horizon!

Reading list 2012:

1. A Scanner Darkly by Philip K Dick

2. Weetzie Bat by Francesca Lia Block