I know I've posted quite a few photos of lil' bit on the blog already, but have yet to fully explain how we came upon him. He originally belonged to the nephew of a good friend of my parents who acquired a job where he travels quite a bit and was unable to give pup the care and attention he needed and wanted to find him a new home. My mom's friend knew I'd lost Cookie over the summer and mentioned it to mom and mom passed the word along to me. And of course, I couldn't pass him up. Mom got him for me a few months ago, and I was finally able to pick him up from Mississippi on our holiday trip home. Cookie was only part dachshund, but I loved her demeanor and her intelligence and since lil' bit is 100% I thought maybe he'd share a few of those traits. There are a few things about him that make him a bit different and we've had to put forth lots of love and effort to progress through. The problem arises from him being crated far too heavily from the time he was a wee babe. I also don't think he was socialized much and when mom first picked him up she said he was scared and nervous with any large open spaces and would shiver and cower. While he was in her care he soon got over that, but was still quite skittish with people. You could tell he wanted love and attention and would run up to you happily, but wouldn't let you touch him and would shrink away or run at any attempt to pick him up.

Since he's been home with me he's changed so much! He's no longer skittish and instead of running away he now runs and jumps in my lap for love and petting. He follows me everywhere I go and he's also become overly fond of giving wet puppy kisses. We also had problems with him coming to you when called. At first he'd just ignore, but now he runs to you happily like he hasn't seen you in weeks. It's fun to see and think back on how much he's changed and what just a little love and attention can do. There are still a few problems we've got to sort out (they said he was cat-friendly, but he seems to like to chase our female kitty - no bites or aggression - just the thrill of the run. He doesn't bother my male cat much, I think because Seb has an alpha personality and doesn't run from him but instead turns around and stands his ground), but he's also still in a puppy stage at just 8 months old and I hope that will calm with age and training too.