wearing: flannel shirt - dad hand-me-down. It's winston brand. Like the cigarettes. I remember my parents used to save their cig packets so that they could get points to order things from these little catalogs. My dad had his winston catalogs and my mom had her virginia slims catalogs. I also remember getting a white poet top with a ruffly neckline and ruffly sleeves with mom's virginia slims points that I wore quite a bit in middle school. The good ol' days of cigarette marketing. // black jeans - f21 // shoes - bamboo // backpack - made by me

The backpack is another new thing I've stitched up recently. The pattern is from here, but I had to modify it because although the one they show in their photo looks like a pretty nice size - once you follow the pattern instructions the bag ends up way smaller than depicted (other folks also commented on this in the reviews, so it wasn't just me!). It's always dissappointing to get through a pattern and have it not turn out how you'd expected. But after I tweaked it here and there and unravelled a bit to start over it came out more along the lines of what I was hoping for. Wanting to make them now in other colors or maybe with leather accents or ropes or buckles. Making these new items really has been a nice little breather from the monotony and insanity of the Christmas and wholesale season.