realized i've been forgetting to document where my clothes were from. does anyone care about this? hrmmm... wearing: shirt - old navy // boyfriend jeans - kmart // shoes - bamboo

the other day i went with milton to help him find a new pair of jeans at old navy and saw this white shirt on sale. i love classic basics and always want to add them in my wardrobe, but i'm a little more picky when purchasing them than i am with other types of items. they have to be just right with a little something that makes them special, and it seems like white button ups are the hardest to please me. this one i love. it's slightly slouchy and flowy and loose without being sloppy and the knot tie hem in front is a nice added touch (though i'd like one without, too, for a dressier look). plus it's rayon which is a fabric i gravitate towards because it's so lightweight and soft and perfect for the hot southern climate. rayon tops and sundresses are always pulled from my closet on the hottest of days. it makes sense that the vintage hawaiian shirts that are so collectible from the 50's are rayon, too.

the laptop bag is a new design. not very recently new, but a design i made especially to be included in my book when i was writing it over the summer. i can't believe the release is this year. it's been a time-consuming task, but when i got the proofs in the mail a few weeks ago it all sunk in a bit more. can't wait for you all to see. i think it's expected to come out in september - it's changed a few times - november then october, but i think september is what has been decided.