as you can probably tell, i've been working on photographing a lot of my projects. a good many of them are recent, but some of them are things i've had lying around waiting to be styled and listed. this shawl is something new from a pattern online. i never thought i'd be a shawl girl, but they really do add a bit of drama if the outfit's right. i really wanted to wear this for the rest of the day, but it was much too hot out (too hot for a sleeveless maxi dress in february - this weather's crazy!), so once milton got home from subbing we both complained about the weather and he changed into shorts and a tee and i threw on a short breezy skirt my mom sent for my birthday two years ago and a tee i'd taken my scissors to for a quick diy a summer or two ago. there's probably plenty of tutorials round the net if you wanna make one yourself, but really it's just one of those no-brain things of cut some strips up the bottom and knot 'em so i'd feel silly writing a tutorial for that. oh, and i cut the neck out too.


speaking of projects, after being on there for 4 years or so, i've finally started adding things to my ravelry account. my username is softspoken, of course, and i'm working on getting a few free patterns up as well - i've already got the lace collar pattern listed here. hopefully, i'll get 'round to sharing more soon. february is always sort of a regrouping month for my work it seems.

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