i know i wrote up a post mentioning this this past summer, but for real this time! once upon a time i was really into sites like postcardx and live journal swap groups and some of those other craft/music/zinester trade things and it always made for a happy mailbox as opposed to my current dreaded mailbox of bill collecting doom. so if any of you guys are interested i'd like to start up a little softspoken snail mail list. i'll be sending out shop postcards/newsletters/lookbooks every once in a while and i'll pick one or two different addresses each month to send out samples of new softspoken designs. or maybe i'll just send a happy goody care package sometimes too. and if i can ever get my shit together - hopefully i can get a zine or two going to maybe send out as well. i used to do this often in my college days and i've been itching to do something similar lately. lots of ideas so far, but no execution - hopefully soon. so if ya wanna get some mail from me - send me your address and blog link (so i know who ya are!) to - don't be shy - even if you're not much of a blog commenter (i'm not either though i'm trying to be better 'bout that) feel free to send it anyway.

if you're not into snail mail you can also subscribe to my newsletter by viewing my blog page and entering your email into that little box up there on the top right. i haven't even sent out my first yet, so i'm pretty sure i won't be flooding your inbox with spammy things - just an occassional update or sale code here and there.