5. A picture of your favorite memory




01.18.08: you called and said it's snowing and i went outside to look and it was and the flakes were big and shocking and falling round and round. i sat on my porch watching them with you on the phone until i went in from shivering and our conversation closing you said i wish i could walk in it and i wished to walk with you and letting you know you packed a bag and came and i dressed to meet you in the snow, yr head rising from yr car and the glint of snowflakes in yr beard, you were so beautiful, i felt them falling against my eyelashes and one into my mouth. we walked round my neighboorhood, middle of the road, i stopped under a street light and stared at the snowflakes drifting beneath it and said i wonder what one looks like, really looks like and you told me not to move so i didn't and i stood there looking up into the light while you snapped photos of me until i was no longer really standing there looking up and instead there i was a photo of myself a moment ago and i began to feel ridiculous so i tangled my arm into yrs and i don't remember being cold then, i don't remember being cold at all and we walked and i didn't want to stop walking but the house came back round and in we went and wished our jobs away with hopes of ice and roads unprepared and stayed up kissing and loving late into the night wrapped in blankets and heaters and each other as if it were already true, but morning came and it wasn't so you kissed me goodbye between the shower and the curtain and left me to my cold day and disappointing roads and remembering a walk in the snow.