in case you were wondering, yep, we're still doing the 30 day shred. skipped a few days here and there due to heavy cramps + sinus headaches from all the weird weather (and yeah, maybe other excuses like the super bowl or too much wine or whatever), so it's taken a little longer - but only a few more workouts left before i can say i finished! i pretty much stopped keeping my blog about it since once i started level two almost every entry was about how much it sucks and how i couldn't wait to move on, so it came pretty redundant and pointless. might do a final post once we're all the way through. i checked my measurements a few days ago and there wasn't much change in most of them except for in my waist where i'd gone down about an inch. kind of disappointing to not see more in other areas, but better than nothing. feeling kind of bloated and miserable due to pms right now, so all this body talk isn't helping much.