valentine's day was nice. we got each other a few small things (i got flowers! balloons! an unheard harry nilsson album! avocados (i'd made a request for no candy)! wine! plus the speakers hooked up to my turntable in my new former spare-junk-storage-room turned softspoken-studio-in-progress) and went out to eat a bite at our fave mexican restaurant (also the first restaurant we ever went "out" to followed by the first time i came over to m's house and he showed me his collection of vintage sandlapper magazines and i went home proper and early. this was before we'd ever even kissed or held hands. to this day he accuses me of falling asleep in the chair from boredom which absolutely did not happen). all my photos from the evening are on my phone which i can't retrieve since my USB cord has a snag in it and i'm waiting for the replacement in the mail. i could upload them from the phone but that's kind of a pain and i'm mental about keeping my photos dated and organized and stored on my laptop + external hard drive. so i'll probably have a lot of photo catch-up to do once the new cord arrives. apologies. kind of trying to figure out how to stay on top of posting my phone images. lots of folks seem to do a weekly phone pics/instagram update, so maybe i'll go that route, too but enough rambling. for a month or two milton's been asking me to design more striped beanies for the boys. he even went as far as to sketch out his design ideas and went through my piles of yarn to choose colors. since it was the holiday season there was no way i could take on a side project, but i finally surprised him with one for valentines. i don't think i got it exactly how he wanted, but i still think he liked it (and i think it looks good!). he's already sketched out the plans for his next one...


those are my yarn color cards he's holding. hope he doesn't expect to be put on the payroll now.