outfit details: jacket - dad's vintage wrangler // pizza pin - oldfamiliarway etsy (it lives on this jacket) // dress - burger and friends // neon belt - f21 // tights - target // shoes - bamboo

i know you can't really tell (and i forgot to mention it in my last ootd post), but i dyed my hair a few shades lighter. it's only really noticeable outdoors in the bright bright sun. no big change, no big deal. i do like the little extra bit of red though. in any case, milton was opening for another band this night and it was my first night "out" in the longest of whiles. i've been a complete and total hermit for the entirety of 2012 thus far except for trips to shops and groceries or out to eat at our favorite mexican joint. there wasn't much of a turnout for the show but i drank a lot of bourbon and everyone sounded good and we stopped at sonic on the way home and i had the worst headache the next day, so in short - we had a really good time. the first photo was taken earlier in the day before i added the belt which i think helped bring it all together. plus i got this dress one size too big since it was the last one left and i really wanted it, so the belt helps bring in the waist (which is sort of what belts tend to do) and take away the sackiness.

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