i wanted to add a little more crochet clothing to my wardrobe - and of course i wasn't going to buy it! i started this top on a sunday and finished it the following wednesday. i changed a few things and added the fringe. the pattern left a bit to be desired in regards to its instructions on joining and seaming (basically, there weren't any), so other than that little puzzle it was quite easy to follow. if you have a little experience with constructing clothing and sewing patterns it most likely won't phase you, but if you're a complete beginner it might be more difficult. which is a shame because otherwise this would've been a great pattern to ease beginners into slightly more intense projects like clothing. in any case, overall it's a winner. it's a coats and clarks pattern found on ravelry and you can make it yourself or venture on over to my shop and i'll make one for you (fringe optional!). coats and clark is another company that gives permission to sell items made from their patterns (along with lion and caron) though they do ask that you use their yarn. of the copyright law i've read (and it's so very difficult to parse out) i'm not really sure that that last bit is really legally enforcable, but i don't mind playing along for the privelege of using such a lovely (and free!) pattern.