2012-01-19 15.52.20 - Peter.jpg

2012-01-19 15.53.43 - Peter.jpg

2012-02-14 17.32.52.jpg_effected.jpg

2012-02-14 17.33.09.jpg_effected.jpg

2012-02-14 17.32.18.jpg_effected.jpg

this work-in-progress was formerly our spare room which m agreed to let me turn into my studio since we werent really using it for more than storage of things we didn't need. i have a "before" picture of the process, but it's too embarrassing to show. basically, it was the room where we threw all our junk and shut the door on it and called it a day. chaos. no organization. just piles and disorder. it's still nowhere near perfect, but at least it's now organized and a more functional space. hopefully posting these photos will motivate me to finish the job (and help me remember to repin the eye back on my owl!). i'm still considering whether i want to keep my desk in there or clear that area for more shelves and storage.

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