"It was a queer, sultry summer, the summer they electrocuted the Rosenbergs, and I didn't know what I was doing in New York."

"Dearest Julie, They'll be putting out the lights soon and then I'll be alone with you. So I pretend, anyway. Oh, how I miss you and long to be in your arms where I belong. Good night darling."

She would sing arias, German lieder, and popular songs of the day. One of Julius's favorites was "Good Night, Irene," and on one occasion, after Ethel had sung it, Julius responded by inexpertly singing "The Battle Hymn of the Republic." These two lovers, condemned to death and separated by thirty feet, singing to one another from their cells...

"Ethel!" he cried. They rushed at each other and embraced tightly, covering each other's faces with fierce kisses. Before anyone knew what was happening, they began pawing one another with wild abandon. They lost all control and wrestled passionately. The witnesses to the scene were stunned by the suddenness and violence of the out burst. They looked on in amazement at the writhing, groaning figures.

Finally, the guards and matron recovered. They pounced on them, pulling them apart. Julius was lifted bodily and plumped hard into a chair. Ethel was dragged none too gently. They were still panting....

Julius's face was so smeared with lipstick, it looked as if he were bleeding. He laced his hair back with his fingers; Ethel pulled her shirt together in a modest gesture which seemed ludicrous under the circumstances. She pulled her skirt down and demurely patted her disheveled hair. She could not see the red blotches on her face from her own lipstick smudged off from Julius'. When Bloch's face came into focus, she felt humiliated and began to cry.

The conference was cancelled. The warden ordered that for future meetings they would be handcuffed and sit on opposite ends of a conference table, each next to a guard. Orders were given to the guards that the two never be allowed to touch again.

...A last opportunity for physical contact came on the night of the execution. They sat on opposite sides of a mesh screen, only minutes away from their execution. The two were allowed to talk privately. At 7:20p.m., 40 minutes before his execution, a guard place his hand on his shoulder.

Julius brought his fingers to his lips and pressed his fingers through the mesh screen as Ethel did just the same. Blood dribbled down the screen as they finger-kissed each other goodbye.

Dearest Sweethearts, my most precious children,

Only this morning it looked like we might be together again after all. Now that his cannot be, I want so much for you to know all that I have come to know. Unfortunately, I may write only a few simple words; the rest your own lives must teach you, even as mine taught me. At first, of course, you will grieve bitterly for us, but you will not grieve alone. That is our consolation and it must eventually be yours. Eventually, too you must come to believe that life is worth the living. Be comforted that even now, with the end of ours slowly approaching, that we know this with a conviction that defeats the executioner! Your lives must teach you, too, that good cannot really flourish in the midst of evil; that freedom and all the things that go to make up a truly satisfying and worthwhile life, must sometimes be purchased very dearly. Be comforted then that we were serene and understood with the deepest kind of understanding, that civilization had not as yet progressed to the point where life did not have to be lost for the sake of life; and that we were comforted in the sure knowledge that others would carry on after us. We wish we might have had the tremendous joy and gratification of living our lives out with you. Your Daddy who is with me in these last momentous hours, sends his heart and all the love that is in it for his dearest boys. Always remember that we were innocent and could not wrong our conscience.

We press you close and kiss you with all our strength.

Daddy and Mommy
Julie Ethel

While Julius' execution went smoothly, the current had to be turned on and off five times before Ethel was dead.

"Julie Dearest, Since Wednesday and all the good, sweet words that passed between us, I have been walking on air. My dear one, rest easy; I am ever fortified in your love."