murder mystery shows aren't typically something i'm drawn to, but sherlock was certainly an exception. i'm not quite sure what it is that drew me in (the casting maybe? i do love the casting choices here - especially martin freeman as watson. sherlock's quick wit? the slightly inapproprate murder jokes between the two?), but i'm itching for more. that last episode was too huge a cliffhanger to leave us all waiting for long! in the meantime i've been enjoying reading over the wikipedia articles for each episode to see how the show updated and referenced the original sherlock stories. a bit (possible spoilers):

Tom Sutcliffe of The Independent points out, "Fans will recognise at once that the close-reading Sherlock applies to John's mobile phone is drawn from an almost identical analysis of a pocket watch. More slyly oblique is the conversion of the lost ring that Holmes uses to lure the killer in A Study in Scarlet into a lost 'ring', a mobile phone that can be used to contact the killer directly."[4] The episode also uses an identical clue to the original story, but gives it a different meaning: both stories feature "Rache" written at the scene of the crime. In the original story, Holmes notes that the word is German for "Revenge." In this version, he scoffs at the idea and deduces that the victim was trying to write "Rachel."

The "three patch problem" that Sherlock describes is similar to the term "three pipe problem" he uses in The Adventure of the Red-Headed League.

Sherlock's deduction about John's mobile phone (e.g. the engraving, the scratches, signs of a previous owner who had been a drunk, etc.) are a reference to a scene in The Sign of Four wherein Watson showed Holmes a watch and asked for his deductions.

John's reference in the final scene to having been shot in the shoulder (but developing a psychosomatic limp in the leg) is an allusion to a continuity error in the Conan Doyle stories: in the original A Study in Scarlet Watson's injury is said to be in his shoulder, but in Conan Doyle's later Holmes stories, it is said to be in his leg.

how 'bout you? what tv shows have you been streaming these days? i could certainly use some reccs as i feel i've watched just about everything that seems the least bit appealing to me on netflix (as far as tv shows go). any surprises hidden in there somewhere?