1. i have these in black and white (as you've seen - i wear them quite a bit), but i'm itching for the pink a little too!

2. though it may be more practical to get the all white pair.

3. i am always on the lookout for slouchy tunic tanks (i have a grey one that i wear year round) - ones that cover the bum and are perfect for wearing with leggings. they're not as easy to come by as you'd think. these are pretty much exactly what i look for.

4. though i'm trying to focus more on solids and classic basics these days - i'm finding this burgers, fries, and shakes tank pretty irresistable.

5. peachy tones are not at all flattering on me, but this dress is just so pretty.

6. these wedges seem sweet, but with a little badass go-go vibe

7. these are an edgy twist on the jelly shoe - though a bit pricey for me for a novelty purchase!

8. all the colorblocked and neon structured satchels that are everywhere lately are really appealing to me. except that they're really EVERYWHERE. this one's different enough while still being trendy.

9. this one's pretty cute too. loving the color combo.

10. the sheer top trend is one i never took part in - but this is one top i could get behind.

hope you enjoyed taking a look at the little things i'm currently craving. there's not much handmade or vintage goodness here like i usually do, but that's because i'm saving those for an extra special post soon to come.