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...until ann emailed about a letsgothisminute day trip to the beach instead. we went a different way than usual and we weren't quite sure about it all but played surfer rosa and followed the phone's gps through questionable loops and turns. the traffic to folly was thick due to a wreck closing a lane in. on top of it my stomach was all a mess inside from something i ate earlier and being stuck dead still in traffic was making my nerves tingle. once we finally made it in the whole island was jam packed with cars, forcing us to park a few blocks back and walk to get food that i was kinda iffy about with an aching belly and sweaty forehead. a few bites helped though and i slipped away to the bathroom and took off my jeans and ate the rest in my swimsuit and long top because it's the beach and who cares and felt so much better. once we finally made it to the sand and breeze and breaking waves all the headaches of getting there were forgotten and everything was fine, just fine. ann napped in the sun a bit and i watched the birds and boats and babies running to the water's edge. we went for a walk and headed into the waves for a while till we caught the tide beginning to tickle the edge of our towels on shore. after running in to save our bags and threatened electronics the time on our parking space had expired anyway so we wrung the water from our things and packed up and got in the car with sand all over ourselves. we took one quick lap through the city of charleston and headed home with salty skin and a little more at ease.