the day after we arrived back home from our trip i had a job interview. since we'd been out of town the entire week and the appointment time was set through phone calls while i was away from home, i had little time to prepare what i wanted to wear. since i've been out of the professional world for a while my interview-appropriate attire was pretty limited. and even further limited by the fact that a good portion of my wardrobe doesn't fit me all that well these days anyway. the look i finally settled on wasn't one i was entirely happy or comfortable with and felt sort of hodgepodged together which i'm sure took it's own toll on my confidence level. this position wasn't one i was too particularly keen on, so i was mostly using it as an opportunity to sharpen up my interview skills so i'd be more comfortable if a job i really love happens to come along. they also asked the most awfully trite interview questions straight from a form and i'd kind of forgotten people did that silly sort of thing, so i'm glad i got the practice for those questions that would normally trip me a bit. in any case, since then i've been trying to gather inspiration for looks that feel both interview appropriate (levels of appropriateness depending upon the type of interview, of course!) while still allowing a bit of room for my style to peek through so that i'm able to feel confident and comfortable.

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