just a quick note to say i've marked down a slew of vintage in my shop to only $5 - including all the pieces above. i've been put in a bad financial situation (what's new, right?) and so i need to move a few things quickly... so... if there's anything that catches your eye here or here...

sorry for the sob story and desperation, that sorta thing's annoying, i know. kinda promised myself i wouldn't whine about finances here anymore and here i am... summers are always tough 'round here monetarily and i thought i had it figured out this year with this work planned and lined up and confirmed for so long. i felt sorta ready. but guess you can't depend on anything these days... just feeling so dissapointed and bummed out. and pms-in' on top of it.

i've been looking and applying for jobs anyway (though i was planning on starting after this little summer job that just fell through ended and i made a quick trip to visit my family), so maybe i'll hear from a few applications soon. just gonna try to hang in there for now, i guess. i dunno. maybe a yard sale next weekend. if you've got any ideas or leads or housecleaning/babysitting/dirty work... i'm all ears.