on the last full day c and i got to spend together over his summer vacation i'd promised to take him to target to look around for as long as he wanted in order to spend the giftcard he'd gotten for his birthday. while he was looking around to his heart's content i stole away to the dressing room to help the time pass a bit, mostly since the socks i'd worn were too thick for these boots and my toes were aching, but also because i like clothes and trying them on (if you haven't yet noticed). there wasn't a whole lot i found that i liked this trip, i don't go round to target nearly as much as i used to and seem to find less and less that appeals to me when i do. the yellow star sweater was cute, but i felt like it was one of those things that people would see you wear and be like oh yeah that target sweater. i did like the little burgundy polka dot skirt, but not enough to justify a purchase. i was more than happy to just leave with what i came with - my thrifted from-the-bins dress and boots + years old jacket from a locally owned asheville boutique + handmade necklace. though i admit i'm not nearly as much of a hardcore conscientious shopper as i was a few years ago. i'm mostly just trying to buy less in general, no matter where it's from, and just things i will get lots of wear from. after doing a closet purge, i'm almost scared to go thrifting as often since it's so much easier to justify such cheap goods to myself and i'm afraid i'll end up with bags of things everywhere again. like buying one new blazer that i'll actually wear feels better to me now than grabbing 6 blazers for 5 bucks that i won't wear nearly as often. not saying that you can't find such pieces while thrifting - it's more my self control that's the real issue i'm working with.

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