spent many hours stitching up orders during this time with friday night lights streaming on my phone. this show never appealed to me judging simply by the cover, but after hearing so many raves i gave it a go and was quickly hooked. it wasn't long before i'd totally devoured every single episode. i think my favorite character was landry (minus the whole ****SPOILER ALERT**** tyra rapist murder thing which really seemed out of place with the vibe of the show. that whole second season kind of lost its footing a little bit.*END SPOILER ALERT*). something about his character and the way he talked and rambled just reminded me a lot of the richard linklater types in slacker and that texas austin vibe. i dunno, i really just enjoyed him. and matt's grandma - loved her. many of the minor characters gave so much to the real family life vibe the show had. julie annoyed me so often, but i think mostly because i related to her somewhat with that teenage girl situation of having really great parents who do a lot for you but also wanting to get the hell away and that tough phase where you hate to disappoint your parents but also need to push push push and everything's difficult and you make your mom sad and you don't want to make your mom sad but you feel like everything sucks. i still have guilt over how i kicked and screamed through some of my teenage years. i feel like i cried over 80% of the episodes (minus most of the second season, maybe), and the first season was just perfection. something about this show makes me wanna get my shit together and try really hard and do the right thing, which sounds ridiculous to my cynical ears to admit.