i always feel so ambitious about organizing our space. my laziness usually overcomes, but it's also that i feel so overwhelmed by our magnitude of stuff. lately i've been better about ridding and throwing out items that aren't touched or looked at or thought of. those items that are tucked away with a "we might need that someday". not too long ago i got rid of my baskets of yarn that were in the living room. that brown chair is where i usually do a lot of stitching and i'd thought a basket of colorful yarn next to it would be a sweet touch, intending to make it my little work corner. but yarn gets tangled easily and projects turn into piles and notebooks of patterns get strewn and eventually it's one big mess. if i'm anything i'm certainly messy. so a few months ago i decided to move all the yarn baskets out of the living room and into our spare. i wrote here then with grand intentions of turning the spare into a proper studio space for my work, but since then it has gathered more and more things - things that mostly have no other place - some we use, some we don't. but the living room for the most part is a little improved by the change. bits of my work (and piles if i'm busy) still have a tendency to gather, mostly on the coffee table and couch, but it's easier to grab and tuck away. so. baby steps.