1. design 30 patterns for 2nd crochet collection/book release. present to publisher or self-release.

2. go 2 weeks with no internet (other than whatever I have to do at work).

3. work on paying debts. decrease amount of total debt over the year.

4. sew 3 dresses.

5. lose 15-20 lbs. or 1 dress size // work on physical fitness.

6. give my hair another year to grow (to push through that middle stage) and then decide once and for all if i should keep it or go short.

7. visit/spend a night in a town i've never stayed before. big or small, near or far.

8. create a nest egg for emergencies / be better about savings.

9. change softspoken to ready made only (for good!) and release more single patterns.

10. create 12 (or more!) DIY/pattern freebies for the blog.

11. knit a sweater

12. create & release a zine.

13. go to the dentist.

14. get a gyno check-up.

15. learn to play the ukelele.

16. replace torn blinds in house or put up curtains.

17. purge closet completely - get rid of clothes i've been hanging on to for too long.

18. purge spare room and get new chair/loveseat/futon for workspace - complete office/sewing space so that it's fully functional and not just a storage area.

19. start a journal of family stories and personal memories. a loose geneology type thing.

20. knit/crochet/sew something for my neice-to-come.

21. new sofa.

22. go 30 days (or more) without sugar.

23. work on and invest in packaging and branding (business cards, logo, website, lookbook, etc) for the business side of softspoken.

24. paint the bathroom and replace shower curtain and towels.

25. continue to work on house organization and trying to reform my messy ways.

26. surprise my parents with something nice.

27. go to the ballet.

28. do 30 day shred all the way through.

29. try 10 new meal recipes.

30. pull up carpet in the bedroom and do floors.

31. submit patterns for magazine publication.

bonus or substitute entries:

-join professional associations and attend a library conference


-visit new orleans with m

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