i know the deadlines for holiday show applications have passed for the most part, but i wanted to share this list of craft show opportunities in the southeast that i've compiled. sometimes it can be so frustrating trying to find occassions to sell your handmade wares when google searches mostly bring up huge super expensive shows or guild shows that you may not be eligible for or even want to join. there once was a great resource at


, but i don't think it's updated quite as often as it used to be though it's still worth checking out. this list isn't totally complete and needs a little more organization - i just wanted to get it out there so you could catch a few last minute holiday application deadlines. i plan on always having it be a work in progress that i'll try to revisit and update here and there. i'm also going to make it a page link at the top of my blog for easy access if you ever want to revisit. let me know if you know of any great indie shows that you'd like to see linked!


porter flea

- nashville

chatty crafty

- chattanooga

indepent style market

- memphis

south carolina

indie craft parade

- greenville

crafty feast

- columbia

lowcountry artist market

- charleston

north carolina

big crafty

- asheville

indie artisans market

- fayetteville

handmade market

- raleigh

rock and shop

- durham

nodarioty all arts market

- charlotte


athens indie craftstravaganzaa

- athens


canton flea market

- canton


annual holiday craft bazaar

- birmingham


frenchman art market

- new orleans


the little craft show

- fayetteville



- gainesville

odd duck bazaar

- hollywood

crafty fest

- st petersburg

stitch rock

- delray beach

retro indie market

- boynton beach

art rock

- west palm beach

indie craft bazaar

- fort lauderdale

atomic holiday bazaar

- sarasota


handmade bash

- dallas



west virginia


know of other craft shows in the southeast region that you'd like to see listed here? shoot me an email and let me know!