i recently had a handful of interviews before i finally landed my new job at the library. this is what i wore to two of those interviews, except for one of them i wore a black drapey cardigan instead since it was a bit more of a conservative environment and i didn't want to go overboard with the stripes and patterns. since the first interview was for somewhere more youthful and trendy i wore the full suit. everything is from kmart except the shoes and accessories. i didn't want to spend much while still jobless and their summer clearance markdown was ridiculously low with lots of office wear to choose from. the kmart clearance racks have been quite helpful in fleshing out a quick and cheap work-appropriate wardrobe to get me started on (not to mention a new favorite pair of royal blue trousers snagged for $2.99 which have gotten lots of wear already and are the only pants i feel fit me properly these days). i did pay full price for the shirt, but i think the whole ensemble was less than $40 and all pieces that i can wear seperately with different outfits.

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