i'm not much of a cook, really. i mostly stick to the same dishes over and over and i like things that are fresh but simple. i eat lots of beans and eggs and fresh veggies for the most part. but every once in a while i'll see a set of ingredients and a light bulb will flash and i'll try winging a new dish. this was my what-i-have-on-hand eggplant curry which i decided to try since i've grown a bit sick of my usual roasted eggplant and feta dish. it came out quite well for just making do with what i had, though next time i think i'll up the spice a bit.

add 3-4 tbs veg oil in pan - heat

add 1 cup stewed tomatoes to hot pan (mine were salted which was enough for the entire dish - if you use unsalted, salt dish to taste later)

chop 1 medium to large eggplant into small pieces and add to pan

slice one celery stalk thinly and add to pan

1 fresh clove of garlic chopped thin and add to pan

1/2 teaspoon groung ginger

1tsp cumin powder

2tsp curry powder

let veggies cook down and eggplant begin to melt. turn down heat. add 1/2 cup water and let simmer on low until water cooks out and it begins to thicken.