cardigan - old f21 // top - vintage // pants - kmart // work id badge // shoes - thrifted boots

it's been a little bit of a struggle digging through my closet for things that fit my new work environment. most of the little dresses i have are too short and, honestly, fill a bit too juvenile for me as i'm now firmly in my thirties. i'm all for wearing what you feel best in, but i'm feeling the need for skirts that are just a few inches longer and dresses with less bows and frills. but this is what i wore on one of my first few days at work. it was kind of pieced together and there's nothing special about it, but i'm still trying to figure out what sort of things work best for me as i put my toes back into the workforce. our dress code doesn't allow jeans but is fairly casual so i'd like a few more easygoing trousers, button ups, cardigans and blazers. and a few of those longer length dresses, too.