it feels as though tonight is sunday and tomorrow morning i'll have to wake and go into work.  it doesn't feel as if there are two more days of weekend to enjoy.  i had intended to stay up early into the morn again tonight and get the pieces for this wholesale order tagged and woven and ready to go, but after a night of music and beer with an out-of-town friend who unexpectedly dropped by my eyes are feeling heavier than i wanted them to by this time.  i've got the audio of the mark twain autobiography playing on my phone which i was hoping would push me along through my tasks once i became engrossed in the story, but well over an hour into it the reader is still only at the intro which seems awfully repetitive at the moment and his voice is not my favorite.

earlier today the three of us finally ventured out to the new whole foods.  we walked up and down each aisle and i bought mint shampoo and a bottle of beer for m.  m bought mint shower gel and a box of christmas cookies for c.

once home i found my new stamp for softspoken waiting for me in the mailbox.  i'm hoping this will cut down on my constant need to order new business cards and hangtags.  a box of yarn was also waiting so i was able to get further along in this wholesale order.  i also have the big crafty coming up next sunday and a smaller craft show not next thursday but the next, so things are beginning to feel hectic.  hopefully i'll be able to keep up.  i've been trying to avoid taking on too much this holiday season -  only trying to stick with what i feel i can safely handle.  things pile on so quickly though - this time of year, especially.