a few weekends ago ann and i went to the rothko exhibit.  but first after parking we ran across yarn bombed trees and hanging things in the courtyard.  i took photos with my phone.  i am always torn between loving yarn bombed things and also not.  i guess because it is so mainstream now and on the today show and good morning america and wherever else.  at the art MUSEUM.  you know, things like that.  but.  the rothko exhibit.  at first i was excited because i really liked the white headphones they gave me to wear for the audio tour, i have a thing for headphones lately, but then i was even more excited once we actually saw the exhibit.  it was lovely and striking and moving and interesting and well done.  except for the glass.  the glass they chose was so reflective and terrible, but sometimes it was surprising to see yourself staring back within that great expanse of color.  sometimes i liked that even if it was mostly distracting.  once finished we ventured through the other galleries then afterwards we drove around and talked and tried to solve the mystery of where to eat in early afternoon on a sunday in columbia till we were famished and finally stopped for burgers and beer.

i haven't done a whole lot since then.  work.  a wholesale order.  house cleaning.  thanksgiving prep. 

our thanksgiving turned out fine.  the food was good and all our dishes turned out.  i ate too much but managed to avoid any feelings of elastic waisted misery.  i am pmsing and i can feel my moods waiver here and there, but i've held on.  we had a good day, mostly.  i wanted to end my day with crocheting and scaring myself with zombie shows, but here it is 4:21 am and i let myself start to get worked up over thoughts of people i let bother me but cooled myself and decided to write here instead.  really i should give the cats more water and turn in because -  4:23 am.