worn (for job interview thursday past):  sweater - kmart // cami - f21 // teal trousers - f21 // black point toe flats - payless // necklace - rue21

so today i was listening to old julie klausner podcasts, because how was your week is pretty much the only podcast i've been listening to these days - mostly when we're out walking for exercise, but today i was playing them while straightening the house and searching for old business paperwork and there were these guys on who'd made this documentary, room 237, about the shining .  or more about all of these people's readings and insights into the shining.  it's funny all these worlds of people you don't know suddenly revealed to you.  or interests people hold and conversations that are had that about things you've never been a part of or thought much about.  kind of like that first time you ever read about bronies.  or the world of fetishes. but i guess now i just want to read the shining and watch the shining again and then see this documentary.

anyway, i got that job i interviewed for thursday so now i'll be working in reference.  i'll still have the same schedule for the most part except now it's monday nights instead of monday mornings which isn't a bad thing.  i really didn't think i'd get it and was dreading that monday morning phone call.  it'll give me a little more experience and make my library resume more rounded should i ever want to take this further.