since last night i've been feeling itchy, mostly on my palms which is the usual spot, but it seems to be spreading to the back of my hands.  today a little itchy in my left eye as well (though maybe i'm imagining it because i'm just tired of feeling itchy).  i took one of m's allergy tablets this morning, but i don't know if it will help.  also applying aquaphor to my hands.  i've always thought the tiny little blisters on my palms were dyshidrosis, but now i'm wondering if it's some sort of allergy related eczema or contact dermatitis.  it does seem to be seasonal, usually appearing when the weather starts to become hot enough to get sweaty.  there's also been a lot of cottonwood blowing in the air.  wonder if it's the heat itself or another allergen that coincides.  just wish i knew the source.  the tablet hasn't seemed to provide any relief thus far.

also just noticed that the last time i wrote about this was also in may.  so yeah, definitely thinking seasonal.