when i wake up in the morning i might get dressed and go to goodwill.  or his house.  i just want to get a few dress shirts to wear for work.  i feel like all my shirts are too tight in the arms.  my chubby arms.  i want a long sleeve denim shirt with polka dots even though i think they were something trendy a year ago or whenever, but i still want one because i saw a girl on instagram wearing one with black trousers and a black jacket and loafers and i thought it looked very chic and not at all last year's trend.  hers is probably very nice but i might get one on sale from old navy.  i'll see what i can find at goodwill first though.

i can't decide if i should go to bed or if i should watch something and fall asleep on the couch.

5 more weeks till beach!  5 more weeks till i see my family!