talked to dad for a bit tonight.  i had to use milton's phone since mine has suddenly gone haywire.  it gives notification beeps when there's nothing to notify for.  continuously wakes from sleep mode for no reason, causing it to light up constantly and drain the battery.  it won't send calls and won't accept them either.  and now, it seems, it's beginning to get picky about when to send texts as well.  so tomorrow i'll be heading in to the shop with it.  it makes me nervous not to have a phone these days.  i don't trust my car, and honestly, ever since the escape of the cleveland women i've been extra cautious and frightened of situations where i might be more vulnerable.   something about that story has entered my psyche in a way i don't normally let news headlines bother me.  

trying to type up my patterns now, but realized i need to download open office onto the new laptop first.  it's taking a while and i'm already sleepy.  i've been staying up till 4 to work on patterns since that's the only time i could really have full access to milton's laptop and now that schedule has become habit.  it's very draining, but hard to change.  i feel like i've been in a bit of a walking daze the past two weeks, wanting to sleep all day - which isn't like me.  i usually never nap and stick to my 7-8 hours of sleep, though honestly that's only been like 4-5 hours these days. now that i can work on my own machine again, hopefully i can rest a bit.