bought tickets for us to see shannon and the clams in asheville.  then later that week we'll be going to the florida shoreline and i'll see my family after so so long.  i have to make plans to have pup boarded.  and take him in for his shots.  and get aaa for the car.  it'll cost a pretty penny before i even get there.  but everything else is paid for so i can't complain.

the book is coming along though i'm starting to hit a wall.  hats hats hats.  i'm happy with what i've made but it's difficult to spit out so many patterns in such a short time.  hard to come up with diversity among the patterns and not get stuck on a certain stitch or style and to switch gears so quickly from one to the next.  wish i had a little time to let them breathe more.  mull them over and tweak.