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romance was born: ss 09/10

this collection by romance was born which vogue australia described as "neptunes and nanas" combines traditional crochet elements with a deep sea mythological theme. who knows if it was intentional that the peachy pink crochet dress is made up of a lacey shell stitch (that almost resembles coral reef here) or that the mint green tunic uses a traditional pineapple motif, or maybe i'm reading too deeply with this tropical crochet stitch suggestion. though this collection showed a few years ago, we're still seeing many of these trends alive and well today - particularly the candy colored and ombre hair, the matte pastel lips, and just the saccharin pastels in general. the first two crochet pieces aren't my favorite, but i love the granny square piece (which cate blanchett wore on the red carpet to mixed reviews in the celeb gossip rags) and it's fellow printed fabric pieces, as well as the crochet motifs that appear as accents here and there (such as the doilies in the train of the black and green dress).



new: cream accessories






top to bottom: button clutch, sunburst beret, turban knot headwrap

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i really have so many things that i've made that are just waiting around to be photographed. i always put off the photography part - it's not that i don't enjoy doing it and i love going over the results - but it's such a huge chore, too. especially on days when nothing seems to come out the way you envisioned it or the weather plays tricks on you or it's too windy or the sun overexposes everything or your outfit doesn't look the way you thought or the colors won't come out true to life or your hair looks bad or your face is flushed and sweaty and so on. i wish i knew more about photography and how to deal with certain light situations and other photography conundrums, but alas - a photographer i am not.