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moving sale


moving sale!

moving sale.png

i had my first big cartel sale! i'm still adding things in each and every day and will continue till it's full - most of the best sellers are there now and some new things as well. i think i may retire some items - or at least until i can get better photos. so much work, but if something you like's not there please do let me know. and custom orders are welcome as always. also, thanks for the suggestions on site improvements - i darkened the text on the product page descriptions to make it a bit easier on your eyes - hope it helps!

*in case you can't read the graphic - moving sale at - use code SOFTSPOKENBC for 50% off today!*

feel free to tweet, blog, reblog, like, share, post, repost, to yr heart's content. all the help in spreading the word would be much appreciated as i'm a little nervous with this new venture <3

got it?