detachable collars are very much on trend right now and they can add so much more to a basic outfit. this one works up fairly quick and easily and you should be able to complete it within a few hours.


what you need:

sport weight <3> yarn of your choice - i'm using caron spa in berry frappe

spool of ribbon in yr choice of color - i'm using a basic white though you could really dress it up with something nicer. just make sure it will fit so that you can weave through the openings of the first row.

size E crochet hook

large eye yarn needle



chain 70 (if you want yours larger or smaller then the formula is to chain a multiple of 3 + 4)

row 1: work sc in 4th ch from hook, *ch 2, sk 2, sc* across to end.


row 2: ch 3, turn. work sc in first ch-2 space, *ch3, sc in next ch-2 space,* across to last two spaces. sc in last sc instead of space (this will leave a little extra at the end - don't worry as we're going to decrease a little on each row. you should end up with 22 ch-3 spaces, don't forget to count the first one created by the ch3-turn before the 1st sc as it can get a little scrunched up).


row 3: ch 4, turn. work sc in first ch-3 space, *ch4, sc in next ch-3 space,* sc in last sc instead of space as on prev row - 21 ch-4 spaces made.


row 4: turn. work 2 slip stitches to arrive at center of ch-4 space. *ch5, sc in next ch-4 space,* work slip stitch in last ch-4 space - 19 ch-5 spaces made.


row 5: turn. work 3 slip stitches to arrive at center of ch-5 space. *ch6, sc in next ch-5 space,* work slip stitch in last ch-5 space - 18 ch-6 spaces made.


row 6: turn. work 4 slip stitches to arrive at center of ch-6 space. *ch7, sc in next ch-6 space,* work slip stitch in last ch-6 space - 17 ch-7 spaces made.


row 7: turn. work 5 slip stitches to arrive at center of ch-7 space. *ch7, sc in next ch-7 space,* work slip stitch in last ch-7 space - 16 ch-7 spaces made.

finish off.


join yarn at any spot on collar and crochet an sc border all the way around to give collar a more polished look. this doesn't have to be precise - just try to work an sc in each stitch around the edges - it can look a little tricky when you're working up the sides of the rows, but just eyeball it and go with what looks best - it should just look flat and even - as long as it doesn't look like you're adding too many stitches (creating a ruffly effect) or not enough (creating a bunched tight look) then you're fine.


finish off and weave ends. *optional* - if you'd like you can pin it out and block it to make the lacey loops more defined - but we're going to skip that for now.


taking ribbon - thread through yarn needle. weave ribbon through ch-2 spaces of row 1.


at this point - try collar on neck and tie ribbon in a bow to see how long you'd like to leave the ends. once the bow is the size you like - cut ribbon. if you'd like to keep your ribbon from fraying use fray check or singe with a lighter.


and you're done! if you have any questions please let me know and i'll do my best to help out if i can. if you notice any errors - feel free to correct those in the comments as well.


find the ravelry page for this project here.

feel free to sell any items you make from this pattern (credit and a link back are much appreciated!), but do not sell or republish the pattern itself.  

*please note:  this pattern was previously published on my former blog (as you can see by the watermarks! hopefully i'll get around to editing those one day).

thanks for looking!